Muhammadiyah is a great organization which is undoubtedly its presence and activities  in education are also in social field. Muhammadiyah has been able to create a generation of nation which has a general knowledge of science  and also religion.

In 1956 in old village in the central Surabaya, built a religion-based school that is SD Muhammadiyah 2 Surabaya. Currently, this school under supervision of Chairman of Muhammadiyah Branch Genteng (PCM Genteng), is aged 55. SD Muhammadiyah 2 is also call “Pious Child’s School” (Sekolah Anak Shaleh), which means it expect graduates from this school have not only intellectual but also spiritual intelligence.

School that has the title of “A” from Accreditation Board’s School, has teachers and staff who work professionally. It is trying to be good from step to step. SD Muhammadiyah 2 is still included a growing school. Although the location of this school was in an alley but the distance is very close to the highway of Peneleh. Precisely in the street address Peneleh alley 6 numbers 72. You may contact SD Muhammadiyah 2 at the number 031-5352367 and it will serve you with pleasure. Learning hours at  SD Muhammadiyah 2 that started at 7 am to 13.10 pm.

Another name of SD Muhammadiyah 2 is “SD MUDA”. In English can mean “Young Elementary School”, that is always young in the work, has young spirit and always creative and innovative in its ideas. For the growth into the future SD MUDA always need support from all parties. Both the material and spiritual support.

SD MUDA is getting charming now,  there are many interesting activities that you can find here, include Tapak Suci(TS), Hizbul Wathon, volleyball, reading Qur’an, table tennis, painting, recycled crafts, outdoor/ outbond, and other interesting activities. If you want to know more about the SD MUDA please come visit our school website at So, you will get more information about SD Muhammadiyah 2 Surabaya.

Thanks are the willing to waste the time to know SD Muhammadiyah 2 Peneleh of Surabaya.